Membership in TWS

Individual membership in The Wodehouse Society is US $40 annually or multiple years may be purchased: $70 for two years and $100 for three years. Included with membership is a subscription to the quarterly journal, Plum Lines, an annual membership roster useful for keeping in touch with other members and forming regional chapters, as well as intermittent society updates via e-mail; e-mail newsletters are coming soon. TWS membership is required for each attendee at the bi-annual convention.

Multiple members receiving post at the same address who each wish to join may elect to share a single mailed issue of Plum Lines and take advantage of our Household Membership: two or more people at an address may all be full members with all privileges while sharing one Plum Lines subscription. Household rates are $60/$90/$120 for 1/2/3 years, respectively.

Full time students may join and receive Plum Lines for $20 annually.

To join as an individual simply fill out the new member application form and forward it to us and send us the oof (see below.)

For households, on the new member application form provide multiple names, the one address and one e-mail. Please put additional e-mails etc. in the comments field. On receipt of the form we will be in touch to clarify the individual e-mails and other data.

For students, use the new member application form and please put the name of your institution and your degree program in the comments field.

Current & returning members: You may renew your membership by sending in your dues using either of the methods mentioned below. If you've missed one or more issues of Plum Lines let us know the approximate expiration date of your former membership by including a note with your check or by using the ‘Add special instructions to the seller’ link on the PayPal site.

If your membership information has changed (name, address, phone & e-mail) use the member information update form to send us the new information. If your membership has lapsed for one or more issues of Plum Lines let us know that using the ‘Comments’ field on the form.

Payment: The dues can be paid via PayPal or you may send a check or money order payable to ‘The Wodehouse Society’ to our treasurer:

Indu Ravi, TWS
236 Davis Rd
Bedford, MA 01730-1500