“Binges on a Scale Calculated to Stagger Humanity”

Saturday night revelries. San Diego, 2022

If Plum Lines is the “heart and soul” of The Wodehouse Society, its biennial convention is its “flesh and blood”. It is here that TWS members gather, meet, trade tales, share their mutual enthusiasm for The Master and, often, become life-long friends. If you’ve never been, perhaps now is the time to start! Our next convention will be in Nashville, Tennessee, September 26–29, 2024. Registration for convention and hotel are now open!

Like any major event, TWS’s biennial conventions have evolved over the years, from a one-day gathering of just a few like-minded souls to a three- or four-day, fun-filled weekend of browsing, sluicing, activities, talks, costumes, and top-notch conviviality, with anywhere from 100 to 200 Plummies coming together from all over the world. So integral have conventions become to the life of the society that only Plum Lines exceeds them in importance.

Regardless of where or when they are held, our binges follow the same general format:

The fine details of each convention vary from one year to the next, but certain traditions have sprung up with the passing of time: a city tour, a Fiendish Quiz, a “cricket experience”, games, a costume parade (“cosplay” to our younger members), post-dinner dancing, skits, readings, and musical presentations, to name but a few. Not all of these are guaranteed at each convention, but there will always tons of fun in store for anybody who decides to attend a binge.

TWS Cricket Experience. St. Paul, 2009

Here are links to information and photos about past conventions. Check them out and see what you’ve been missing!

Conventions are organized and overseen by The Wodehouse Society Convention Committee (Committee Charter can be found here). Anyone interested in helping out should contact the Committee Chair, Elliott Milstein, at

Cocktail time — southern California style. Hollywood, 2005