TWS Convention Committee Charter

(May 1, 2021)

  1. Committee Purpose

    The purpose of the TWS Convention Committee is to organize and run the Society’s biennial convention.

  2. Committee Members
    1. The Chair of Convention Committee shall be chosen by the Board of Directors.
    2. Ex officio members shall consist of the President and the Treasurer.
    3. The Chair is responsible for all activities of the Committee.
    4. The Chair shall solicit for members of the Committee and delegate duties and responsibilities as appropriate. The Treasurer shall serve on the Committee as its Financial Manager.
    5. The Chair shall seek to create as large and diversified a Committee as practicable, with members who commit to developing specific areas of expertise and then performing required tasks on an on-going basis.
    6. The Chair shall use best efforts to get all the Committee members to weigh in on what is being discussed and/or voted on.
  3. Committee Responsibilities
    1. Recommend future convention sites to the Board for Board approval.
    2. Prepare and submit a budget for each Convention to the Board for Board approval.
    3. Approve contracts with hotels or other bodies providing convention services and submit same to the Board for Board approval; all contracts are to be signed by the President.
    4. Create a detailed plan and schedule for the convention in accordance with the Convention Handbook and to implement that plan.
    5. The President will report to the Board of Directors on a regular basis on progress and issues regarding the convention.
    6. The Treasurer will serve as Finance Manager and will monitor convention expenses and outlays to ensure no unnecessary purchases or excessive expenditures are made.
    7. The Treasurer will maintain an expense and income log and submit it regularly to the Board.
    8. The Chair will prepare a final report after the convention which the Committee will approve before sending it to the Board.