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Welcome to The Wodehouse Society web site. It is not possible to sum up Wodehouse in a few words adequately. Indeed, our Society exists to enjoy the millions of words he wrote in so many genres and preserve them and his honored memory in so far as possible. Perpetuity being the near-term goal. We are particularly pleased to note that modern research is allowing more and more new discoveries by and about Wodehouse almost every day. For a chap who died in 1975, mourned by all, he is remarkably alive and well, in print, on the air, on the stage, on CDs and DVDs, and on the world wide web.

Convention guests discuss favorite web sites

Please do not be in a hurry to leave our site until you have fully explored it but we note that several other Wodehouse-related sites have extensive collections of material that will no doubt be of interest to many fans and readers. We particularly enjoy the ever-growing collection at Madame Eulalie’s Rare Plums. And for superb technical data on Plum's publications, check out The Wodehouse Short Stories and The Wodehouse Novels. The TWS members who maintain and contribute to these sites welcome your visits and do great work in making Wodehouse accessible to everyone. Links to these and other Wodehouse sites can be found on the Other Wodehouse Sites tab.

The UK and Japan unite over Wodehouse

If you're a Facebook member we would also invite you to check out the society's Facebook group, inventively named The Wodehouse Society as a source for some information about our doings. There is so much to do and enjoy in the world of Wodehouse that one is sometimes almost overwhelmed, and when that sensation sensates, we strongly recommend finding a quiet place, picking up a Plum novel, short story, poem, or play and immersing yourself in the sweetness and light of his inventive language, imaginative plots, and inspiring characters.

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