What the Well-Dressed Cricketer is Wearing

Cricketing attire is one of the most charming aspects of the game. White flannel is almost always identified with cricket. Hats and caps are recommended. The white canvas hat sometimes known as the "Tilley Hat" is a very good approximation of a cricket hat. Some players wear a billed cap — something like a baseball cap — and these are usually dark blue or green with the club's name on the front. Gents dress in white trousers and shirts (half or full sleeves). Ladies have a choice of skirts or trousers. A white V-necked sweater is another option for both ladies and gentlemen. These can be long sleeved or simply a vest and sometimes have colored cabling around the neckline.

All prospective players are encouraged to show up dressed like the real thing for TWSCC matches. While whites are not required to participate, they certainly add to the fun. Many good sources of cricketing attire can be found by searching the Web.