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The Norman Murphy Award

The Board of Directors of The Wodehouse Society created the Norman Murphy Award on October 30, 2016, to recognize, honor, and memorialize the contributions that Lieutenant Colonel Norman T.P. Murphy made to the body of scholarship on P.G. Wodehouse. The first medals were awarded at the Washington convention on October 21, 2017.

The Norman Murphy Award may be conferred on outstanding Wodehouseans who have provided singular service to the Society or have made significant contributions to Wodehouse scholarship.

At their discretion, the board may confer the award at any time to recognize anyone who contributes to furthering the body of P.G. Wodehouse scholarship or makes outstanding contributions to the Society. Work of this nature should be significant in scope, but can be a single ground-breaking article or publication of a book. Outstanding contributions to the Society through work on committees, publications, etc., can also be recognized. While a single achievement may warrant recognition, generally recognition is reserved to those who have provided long and distinguished service. Members of the board are not eligible while serving on the board.

Nominations for the Award may be made to any board member.

The Norman Murphy Award Honor Roll


Elin Woodger

Gary Hall


Neil Midkiff


Elliot Milstein