Chapters of The Wodehouse Society

The pink chappie (Harry) tries on his cap.

Regional chapters bring some of our lucky members together for meetings between conventions. Each chapter has its own traditions and favorite events; some meet in libraries or bookstores, others in restaurants or members' homes. More often than not, the food, drink, and friendships shared are as important as the program. Excursions to theatrical events, historical sites, and just-for-fun weekend retreats are also popular. New members and visitors are always welcome. Information about the North American chapters can be found by clicking on the pins in the map below.

Three of our chapters don't quite fit on the map. These are The Clients of Adrian Mulliner a Society-wide chapter for members that are also Sherlock Holmes enthusiasts, The Right Honorable Knights of Sir Philip Sidney which is located in the Netherlands, and The Fourth Dimension which meets through some trans-dimensional portal called "Zoom". Information for these chapters can be found by clicking on their names above.

State/ProvinceChapter Information
(The Netherlands)The Right Honorable Knights of Sir Philip Sidney
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Contact Peter Nieuwenhuizen
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(all)The Clients of Adrian Mulliner

Contact Elaine Coppola
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The Fourth Dimension

Contact Freda Kirkham
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AlabamaThe Banjolele Band
Greater Birmingham area
Contact Caralyn McDaniel
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CaliforniaBlandings Castle
Greater San Francisco Bay area
Contact Lord Emsworth
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The Orange Plums
Orange County area
Contact Diana Van Horn
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ColoradoThe Denver of the Secret Nine
Denver and vicinity
Contact Jennifer Petkus
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District of ColumbiaCapital! Capital!
Washington, D.C. and vicinity
Contact Susan Parsons
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IllinoisThe Chicago Accident Syndicate
Chicago and thereabouts
Contact Daniel & Tina Garrison
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MassachusettsThe New England Wodehouse Thingummy Society (NEWTS)
Boston and elsewhere in New England
Contact Lynn Vesley-Gross
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MichiganThe Pickering Motor Company
Detroit and vicinity
Contact Elliott Milstein
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MinnesotaThe Northwodes
St. Paul, Minneapolis, and vicinity
Contact Mike Eckman
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New YorkThe Broadway Special
Greater New York City area
Contact Amy Plofker
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Friends of the Fifth Earl of Ickenham
Buffalo, NY, and vicinity
Contact Laura Loehr
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North CarolinaA Little More Bertie than Jeeves
Waynesville/Sylvia, North Carolina
Contact Beth Baxley
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Nova ScotiaThe Size 14 Hat Club
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Contact Jill Robinson
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OhioThe Flying Pigs
Cincinnati area and elsewhere
Contact Susan Pace
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OntarioThe Pale Parabolites
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Contact George Vanderburgh
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PennsylvaniaChapter One
Greater Philadelphia
Contact Mark Reber
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The Pittsburgh Millionaires Club
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Contact Allison Thompson
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Plum Crazies
South Central Pennsylvania
Contact Betty Hooker
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TennesseeThe Melonsquashville (Tenn.) Literary Society
Greater Knoxville area
Contact Ken Clevenger
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Rugby in all its Niceties
Rugby, Tennessee area
Contact Donna Heffner
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TexasThe Drone Rangers
Houston and vicinity
Contact Carey Tynan
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The Mottled Oyster Club/Jellied Eels
San Antonio and South Texas
Contact Lynette Poss
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The West Texas Woosters
West Texas
Contact Troy Gregory
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WashingtonAnglers' Rest
Seattle and vicinity
Contact Susan Collicott
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Plum Street Plummies
Olympia and vicinity
Contact Major Thomas L. R. Smith, USA (Ret)
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