The PGWnet Mailing List

The Society maintains a mailing list called PGWnet. “A mailing list,” you say. “How exciting. What is it?” Well, it is a computer thingummy that lets you send an e-mail to a single e-mail address and have it delivered to everyone else that subscribes to the list. You also receive any e-mail sent to the list by other subscribers.

“Ah, yes, a mailing list. What is it used for?”

Well it is used for several purposes. Suppose for instance that you have come across an interesting article about Plum on your favorite blog or news site and wanted to share it with other Wodehouse fans. Just dash off a few quick lines in an e-mail addressed to PGWnet and, if you're a boy scout, you've done your daily act of kindness.

Or perhaps you have a deep burning question about Wodehouse or his works. Just send your question to PGWnet and before you know it one of the brainy coves that also subscribes to the service will post the answer thus remedying your ignorance.

Discussions about the latest television dramatizations, recent finds by those who actively research Plum's life and work, and possibly even a debate between Webster and the dog McIntosh as to the relative merits of cats and dogs — all this and more can be found on PGWnet.

By now I'm sure the only burning question you have is “How do I subscribe?” Well that couldn't be any easier. Click here for the details. Please be aware that there are a few simple rules for posting to the list. Also note that many PGWnet participants post to the list under a nom de Plum (i.e., the name of a character from the Wodehouse canon). Here is the most recent list of Noms along with instructions for acquiring your own.